Emergency Marine Survival Kit

Our team has been working hard to put together a premium Survival Kit that has been designed specifically for the harsh Marine Environment, so that you and your loved ones can feel secure in the event of using your vessel as an emergency escape vehicle or any accident that leaves you stranded at sea.

Filled with all the necessary survival equipment, including food, medical supplies, and water systems, our kit will help extend your time out at sea. All of our bags come sealed and protected from the corrosive environment.

Whether it's Pandemics, Earthquakes, EMP's, Zombies, or Mother-In-Laws, this premium hand assembled kit turns your boat into a self-contained bugout vessel. Designed by experienced boaters, the OC Marine Survival Kit provides food & emergency supplies for a fast sea getaway.

  • Food Supplies
  • EMP Resistant Bag
  • Solar Powered Battery Systems
  • Communication Equipment
  • Water Desalination and Filtration Tools
  • Fishing and Tackle Gear
  • Emergency Medical Supplies
  • Defensive Weapons
  • Built Specifically for the Corrosive Marine Environment
  • Vacuum Sealed for Maximum Longevity
  • All Equipment Tested for Quality and Readiness
  • Only Premium Survival Equipment Included
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Don't be caught at sea without life saving supplies when an emergency hits!

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Emergency Marine Survival Kit

Survival Kit Contents

Kit Options

Survival Kit OptionsSmallMediumLarge
Period1 Week1 Month3 Months
Starting price$4,900*$8,900*$14,900*

* Customization available +Tax +Shipping

Optional Upgrades

Add Person



$1,500 / 1 Week
$2,000 / 1 Month
$3,000 / 3 Months

Add Island


/2 persons

+$300/each additional

Sleeping Bags
Game Traps
and more...

Add Power



Solar Panels
Backup Power Units
Electric Stove
and more...

Keep your vessel ready for your survival
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